Monday, May 02, 2005

Cog In The Idiot Machine

When Edgar comes up to bat, it's almost like I'm playing some video game, and there's this one guy who, through some computer glitch, can't get a hit. "Oh, inning's over, broken guy's up..."

And then everyone laughs at how he's got that smile on his face, like the little cartoon man doesn't even know he can't get a hit.

Again, I hate making fun of this guy, because he seems like a nice dude, but the clock's ticking. Is it too much to ask of him to win a Gold Glove as long as he's not going to hit?

You know, we Sox fans are pretty jaded. Fans of a lot of other teams would LOVE it if they only had one lineup spot that didn't produce.

Tonight's pitchers names start with the letters "Jere." This is the first time this has ever happened in a Red Sox game, as far as I can remember.

It's now 3-3 in the third. And the Red Sox internet world wonders what Samara is going through right now. I have a feeling we'll find out, complete with details and pictures (possibly of thighs).


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