Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Buyers In The Cellar

It's like Christmas every day at my house.

To a life-long yankee hater, it doesn't get much* sweeter than when you hear yankee highlights on the radio accompanied by Carmen, aka the BAD NEWS BEARS music.

And that was before tonight's loss by the yanks, which tied them for last place(!) with the Devil Rays.

Last night it was so funny, watching the game with Chan. Chan's a yankee fan who hasn't followed baseball that much lately. So I'm sayin,' "Henn started for you tonight." And Chan's like, "Who?" And I say, "Sean Henn. Double-A pitcher. And Wang goes again tomorrow night." Chan: "Who??" "This dude Wang," I say, "and that dude must be Robinson Cano." And you know what Chan asked me about that. I'm not even making fun of Chan, either. He only missed a couple of days.

And I heard that Kevin Brown thinks his eight run, thirteen hit outing was due to bad luck. What a fool.

Today, when I came in to work, this yankee fan friend of mine came up to me and said, "The yankees suck."

When I told her to come over to our side, she declined my offer, saying that she'd "rather be a loser."

The world has flipped upside down when you hear a yankee fan say that phrase in such a way that clearly implies "I'd rather be a loser (like I am for rooting for the last place yanks) than root for the Red Sox."

So, if the yanks are in last place, and their fans are admitting that they do indeed suck, why are we not supposed to say that they do again? Oh right, because people in the Boston media think it isn't classy, and want the almighty New York media to "respect" them, so they tell us what to think. Screw 'em. The yanks are a shitty team, they've been proving it in historic ways lately. Let's state the truth with pride.

Oh, and it means we're "obsessed" with the yanks, and everyone's making fun of us. False. Everybody who isn't a yankee fan hates the yankees. That's why they chant "yankees suck" at their own parks.

And that brings me to the thing about how we Sox fans all seem to think that "everyone's sick of us." Now, I don't think I'm think I'm that naive. So I'm just going to say this. I don't think baseball fans as a whole suddenly hate the Sox or their fans. Again, all these people hate the yanks, so I think they're happy to the team that yankee fans make fun of make the greatest comeback of all time against the yanks.

And when people talk about how the Red Sox documentaries and shows and books about 2004 need to stop...why is that? Did they think that when this near-century long drought ended that it wasn't going to be a big deal? Look at the coverage any championship team gets, even if they'd won the year before. Then multiply that by, uh, some number that means the Red Sox won for the first time in 86 years and did it in a way that's never been done before in baseball, and that's how much coverage the 2004 Red Sox should be getting. I say keep it comin'. If somebody's clearly doing something for the sold purpose of making money off of it, that's a different story. But surely a lot of these people complaining bought some 9-11 sticker for 5 bucks that could have gone somewhere that might have helped to solve the world's problems, instead of to some sticker-making dude's drug habit, just so they could look as (faux-) patriotic as their neighbors.

I'm getting away from myself. Uh, Arroyo did awesome today. I still say he's our number two starter. I'd love for there to be some kind of press conference where they say, "Bronson Arroyo has proven himself as one of our five starters. End of story."

I still can't believe there's a guy on the Tigers named Nook Logan. My initial nickname for him was, of course, "Aerosmith's In My Breakfast" Nook Logan. But then I heard Castiglione pronounce the name today, and it turns out it's pronounced like "nuke." So then I decided it should be Nook "ids On The Block" Logan. But Chuck Knoblauch already has that one. So maybe Nook "oncourses At" Logan?

Getting back to the yanks, the Mets need to pull ahead of the yanks in that race. Seriously, Let's Go Mets. Time to take advantage right about now. Take back this city. (If only it was that simple. When they get popular, it'll just be due to all the fans who rooted for the yankees in their now gone-and-forgotten late nineties run jumping on the (ironically Pedro led-) Mets bandwagon.

In the Derby, I see Steinbrenner's horse having a big lead, but blowing it right before the wire. $2004 to place. Actually, to be more current, I should just assume it'll finish last.

Coming soon, I'd think, will be some kind of in-depth post about me moving to New York.

*But it doesn't get ANY sweeter than last October, of course. Especially if you're the die-hard Red Sox fan type of yankee-hater.

Nook is pronounced like 'book' or 'look'. It drives him nuts when people pronounce it like 'nuke'. Someone needs to clue Castig in on this.

And his real name is Exavier Prente Logan, which is a whole other level of awesome.
Okay, so like the word nook, then. Makes sense. It might have actually been Trup' that called him "Nuke." I only got to listen for a little while on my break from work that day. So the Aerosmith nickname it is, then.

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