Sunday, May 15, 2005

Breaking News: Riv Still Cool

I went to the Riviera today. The only thing different about it is they don't show the games in the upstairs area. But the downstairs area is big, with lots of TVs, most with the Sox game on. So it's still good. And pretty full--95% Sox fans--for a Sunday afternoon in May. If anyone else was there today, I was the loner, Dotty, the rebel.

Congrats, Manny, on your 400th. Would've rather had the win today, though. And yankee fans/announcers are starting to get full of themselves again. Setting themselves for yet another disappointment.

I'm curious to see the interview with Steinbrenner on HN. When's the last time there was a full interview with that shit head? (I like how on the teaser, they ask him, "Did you like....Seinfeld?)

I can't go there out of loyalty to Jim. He got me in the night of game 4 of the World Series; saw me waiting on the very long line through the window and had the bouncer slip me in the side door.
"I was the loner, Dotty, the rebel"

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, one of my 5 favorite movies... ever.

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