Saturday, May 28, 2005

Big Stein: The Interview

When asked if he likes being called "The Boss," he says, "Yeah, I like it," without a hint of sarcasm.

I see in him two sides. There's the side that loves being in charge and being this iconic figure. That side feels guilty about that, though. And there's the self-deprecating side, that not only says that he doesn't deserve accolades, but that no one does.

The interview seemed like therapy, with the all-knowing, all-powerful Kay the perfect therapist. Yet it almost seemed like they weren't in the same room. I get the feeling there was a lot of editing.

Remember in that movie Fletch when Fletch interviews the old man, claiming his name is Harry S Truman? It was kind of like that.

George says you have to have the "right materials" to win. I later figured out that by "materials" he meant "people."

He would sometimes look directly at the camera, which is always scary for the home viewer.

About George's two suspensions from baseball: Kay mentioned it in a segment where he was by himself, but only asked George what it was like to be suspended. No questions about what actually happened. I expected that, I guess.

While he talked about the '76 and '81 teams, it occured to me that you hardly ever see highlights from those two World Series'. Gee, I wonder why.

George calls everybody "a great man, a great yankee, a great competitor."

They talked about Seinfeld, which George said he liked, because if you can't poke fun at yourself, you're not much of a man. That was a big theme of his. Being a man. But at certain points he was very much like the Seinfeld character.

He'd repeat Kay's exact words a lot. Which gave me the impression he was lying. (And/or senile.)

He called Don Mattingly a "hometown boy." That phrase means you played in your hometown, not that you simply have a hometown.

I noticed Kay didn't ask, "How come the yankees were always crappy when you got directly involved?"

About Paul O'Neill's temper, he said, in his best schoolgirl voice, "I liked it when he'd hit the coo-ooler."

The quotes from other people about George looked like the things you see after someone dies. Which I think was done on purpose. Because he's on the doorstep.

"It's important for this country to be supreme." Okay, mein fuhrer. This is what I was talking about in my last post, about the God Bless America thing.

"I love chow mein," he said, when asked his favorite food. Kay had plenty of time for fluff since he left out all the stuff we watched for 90 minutes to hear!

But one fluff question led to something interesting. When asked his favorite TV show, he said, "Mary Tyler Moore, no two ways about it." (Laughing at things old people say is just so fun.) But, anyway, his reasoning was that all the actors went on to do different things, but "elsewhere didn't do as well." Wow. He should think about that when he takes players from other teams who are really good, and brings them to where they totally don't fit in, and then don't win.

"It's just a little man, and he's struggling," he said when asked why he likes Donkey Kong so much. Oh, wait, that was Juliette Lewis. I'm watching Conan O'Brien right now.

Uh, so, he loves turtlenecks. I'm glad to be the opposite of George any chance I can get, and this is an easy one. I HATE turtlenecks. Not just for their ridiculous look, but also because I don't like the feel of something on my neck, strangling me. Ironically, I also don't like when my T-shirt neck hole is too loose. So it has to be just perfect.

They finally got to the 2004 ALCS, which I was hoping would be a big cry-fest, but they didn't even really get into it. He just said that we're his biggest rival, etc, etc, and it was tough to lose, that he wishes he could have a do-over of Game 7, ("If, if, if": the new yankee motto) and that they'd be back this year. Bla bla bla.

Can't believe I watched that whole crappy show.

The dual evil of Kay and Steinbrenner in one room was probably a hazard to society. I actually feel that Kay is more evil than George, if that's possible. He's not real. He has no soul. Steinbrenner sold his soul, but Kay was born of soulless machines.

This review was unneccesary. But I was taking notes the whole time, and I didn't want them to go to waste.

Just saw a commercial for the contest to win the yankee edition Ford Mustang. With championship logo!, they say. Champions of what, I wonder. This thing is ugly. A fucking pinstriped car. I should enter my name. I could do some fun stuff with that car. Imagine watching that thing going over a cliff and exploding in flames.

F the yanks.


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