Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"Bad News For The Athletics!"

With the Sox and yanks both playing day games today, my mood at work went from "happy/happy", to "happy/neutral", to "happy/happy" again, back to "happy/neutral", over to "happy/sad", down to "pissed/pissed", then "ecstatic/don't give a crap because the Sox win turned out to be extra-sweet after all."

When Kookie Kookie Lend Me Your Comb hit that home run in the top of the ninth, not only was I so mad that I thought about not following baseball for a while to avoid an ulcer, but I also thought that every reader of my Byrnes hatefest from yesterday was gonna kick my butt.

Fortunately, Jason bailed us out.

I'm very excited to read of Bullshit Memorial's trip to Fenway. The dude went to both walk-off home run games. Watch for what should be a great post over there soon. As soon as he gets back home, I guess.

You know what I really, really like? The fact that the yanks have finally put a win streak together, but have hardly gained any ground in the standings. In fact, over the last ten games, they have gained exactly ONE game total on all the other A.L. East teams combined. They've lost 2 on us, stayed even with the orange and blue birds, and gained one on Tampa Bay. So their net is actually minus 1.

And if you want to look at just the last five, when the yanks have gone 5-0, we've gone 4-1, and both birds have gone 3-2.

They're still 6 back of us in the loss and 8 back of the O's. And Pavano was horrid today. And A-Rod made errors that led to, like, five runs. Terrible job by Jamie Moyer. When your team gives you five in the first, you DON'T go out and give up five.

I heard WFAN yankee beat reporter Sweeney Murti saying that if their top three starters win two out of every three games, and their four and five win half the time, for a total of a .600 winning percentage, then the yanks have nothing to worry about. Easier said than done, of course. And if you're gonna go by that logic, well then the Sox starters are all good all the time, so we'll be winning at a 1.000 rate anyway.

I can't stress enough how key that Varitek homer was. Love those final at bat wins at Fenway. The people at today's game had the rare experience of standing for the final strike (several times) and seeing a walk-off homer in the same game. And Clement was solid again. Great jorb, Emancipation Proclaimer.

And no Calvin, I haven't forgotten about the Cuba discussion.


I love the description of the Sox/Yanks day game double dichotomy emotion rollercoaster.

The worst thing about Curlie's homer was his little double fist pump down the line because he knew the ball was landing on the Pike.

And then Varitek. The burden was lifted, and all was forgotten. Except.......................

This thing with Foulke is really bothering me. It's never going to be calm and confident all season with the guy, after all this. The guy just throws 85 mph flat pitches right over the plate.

Last night, I watched the ALCS. He was so clutch, for so many innings.

Hope he didn't wear something out.
Cuba, shmuba. I stop thinking about economics when school is out.

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