Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A's/Audio/Avenues/All-Star Catchers

These A's announcers are ridiculous. Especially the old guy. None of his calls give you any idea of what could possibly be going on. He said the word "bejesus" tonight. Last night, in the ninth, Payton pinch ran. He told us this, but then started giving Payton's batting statistics, and was saying there was a left handed hitter up. After two pitches, he told us that Mueller was actually up. (Which made sense, since Payton couldn't have been on first and at the plate at the same time.)

Gameday Audio keeps defaulting me to these guys, and I've just kept them on out of laziness. The Seattle guys were way better, and not just because they seem to love the Red Sox. Also, listening to the Seattle station and hearing their commercials reminded me of the utopia that is the Jet City.

My new neighborhoood also kind of reminds me of Seattle. The main downtown of Seattle was built on a hillside. More like a cliff, actually. So the avenues are like plateaus, with the steep streets crisscrossing them. And while Manhattan is mostly flat, right near where I am, there's a hill. So you've got the East River, then flatness over to 1st Ave. and 2nd Ave. But then you go up a hill to 3rd Ave, and up once more to get to Lexington Ave. So I get to imagine I'm in Seattle, even though there's nowhere else I'd rather be than right here now. But I think in ten years I could be a Seattle...ite?

As I drove by yankee Stadium today (I do every day on the way to and from work), Sweet Caroline came on the radio. I swear. It's cool how I get to physically flip off yankee Stadium twice a day.

David Wells is back tomorrow it seems.

In Rich Gedman news (that's right, there's Rich Gedman news), Rich is now the manager of the Worcester Tornadoes. Here's a Herald article about it. And here's Geddy's bio from the Tornadoes' site.

Thanks to Pat, fellow Rich Gedman afficionado, for this info. He also points out how the team is named the Tornadoes despite the fact that a tornado killed 94 and injured over a thousand in Worcester in 1953. Terrible job, Worcester Tornadoes. But great job on the Gedman hiring!

As I write, the Red Sox, despite leading 2-0 in the fourth, are squandering opportunities over and over, just like last night, while the yanks are getting cheap hit after cheap hit against the M's. 2-1 now. Home run by Chavez while I was writing that sentence. I want to go to bed, but I know I won't be able to.

I don't mind losses like last night. Oh don't get me wrong, I hate to see the Sox lose. But if we have to lose, I'd rather lose while leaving 13 runners on base. Because when you do that, it means you were probably supposed to win the ballgame, and you will win ballgames eventually. Faith & patience.

Now tonight, for example, I'm exhausted, but I refused to give up on the game and go to sleep, even when the goddamned baby-beating A's took a 5-3 lead off the incomparable Matt Mantei. I stood my ground: faith & patience. And behold, I was rewarded for my zeal when Eric Byrnes (my favorite A) made a bonehead blooper play that allowed us to take a 7-5 lead.

Faith & patience & just enough pitching to keep us in the ballgame. It's a good formula-- especially when your team is leading the league in OBP by a wide margin.
With GameDay Audio, instead of just clicking on the default link, go first to the 'Multimedia' dropdown on MLB.com, then select Gameday. It will give you a full range of choices, from which you can select EEI. It's a lifesaver.

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