Saturday, April 23, 2005

Yo D-Ray I Got Somethin' To Say

Jeez, Captain Cheese, can we enjoy the fact that we tied the game in the ninth for one second? One pitch and it was over. And poor Edgar, another line-out double play. That just killed us. As did Jason's DP. But those guys will make up for that stuff. Look for two wins this weekend.

At least the yanks lost. Let's all take a moment to laugh out loud at Kevin Brown. The guy got booed tonight before getting an out. And I always like when the yanks excite their fans by coming close to victory but still losing.

But at least they didn't lose to the f'n Dr. D-rays. Crap! We can't be losin' to them! Especially since this is their mascot:
Hey, kids! What the shit am I?
Heh, heh, no offense, Sam.

So here are some nicknames I've come up with recently:

Matt "Praying" Mantei (I started with the least funniest)

Jorge "Can Not!" Cantu "!"

Aubrey "-anna" Huff "-ington"

John "Johnny Wad" Gomes

Nickname my dad has come up with recently:

Scott "Georgie" Kazmir (This comes from the Seinfeld episode with the cashmere sweater, with the cleaning lady who calls George "Georgie Porgie." Riiight. I think my dad likes to come up with nicknames that require an explanation. I can never remember why he calls Curtis Leskanic "The Count." I'll ask him tomorrow and get back to you. Also, ever since we'd call Kevin Romine "Caviar," short for "Kevvie R.", he's caled every Kevin the Sox have ever had "Caviar," regardless of whether or not their last name began with an "R.")

Ha- we call Kevin Youkilis "Jelly" cos his initials are "KY." Get it?! I know, I know, it's bad. AND, I still refuse to call Orlando Cabrera anything but Tony, as in Tony Orlando Cabrera. I still love that nickname.
Call him Jelly all you want; he's hot and he lubes the team up. There's nothing like the flu bug to demonstrate how much this team really needs him.
My friend and I thought we were the only ones with these quirky nicknames.

Jorge Posada: "Topogigo" (This was the mouse with the big ears on the Ed Sullivan Show - ask your dad about that one, as we actually got the nickname from my mom)

Varitek is "Drumsticks"

I am thinking that Matt Clement ought to be Abe Lincoln, but that seems rather long. Just "Abe"?

I used to call Paul O'Neil "Jason Vorhees," simply because it seemed that he was outstanding even when he was injured or in pain. I hated that.

Carl Everett was always "Crazy Carl." I always wanted to help that man.

Scott Brosious was "Atrocious Broscious" or "Doughboy," - that pudgy nosed freak.

Giambi is "Reptile." He still looks like a snake to me. Am I the only one?

Mariano Rivera: "The Skull" (I also resent that fact that the Yankee Stadium people play "Enter Sandman" every time he comes in to close. Totally ruined that song for me.)

Brian Daubach was "Turtle" and I am still not sure why.
Orlando Cabrera = O-Cabby = Oak-Happy. I've got a trademark on that one. And it was so appropriate, too. Haven't come up with anything decent for Renteria yet, but if he keeps hitting this poorly, I'll eventually find something.

No worries about the mascot. Raymond. His name is Raymond.

Ambulance Embree. How's that sound? Anyway, I saw Perez standing in against Embree and I groaned. This guy LOVES fastballs from LHP. Eats 'em for breakfast. Ask Randy Johnson 'bout.

Speaking of whom, let's all take a moment to laugh out loud at Kevin Brown AND Jaret Wright AND Randy Johnson. But let's all give Jon Lieber a standing O, shall we?

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