Thursday, April 28, 2005

World B. Free

Just got this comment:

"Jere, I have a question for you. Although I am from Boston and support the Red Sox, i fail to see how we can justify ourselves as the world champions when we only played American teams. Agreed there isnt likely any other oppostion, but isnt it just a little bold and very 'America number 1'?"

I was just saying to Pat at the last game we went to that the Japanese champion (and all the other champions from around the world) must be PISSED when they hear that some team from the U.S. is always the "world" champion.

Of course it's a very pompous thing to say. I don't make excuses for it. The United Stated thinks their poop doesn't stink. We need to take a cue from the rest of the world.

I would blame the use of the term on tradition, as there was a time when the best baseball team in the United States could pretty safely say they were the "best team in the world." And it has a pretty nice ring to it, World Champs, so I guess it just stuck.

The other thing I was saying was that somebody, Japan, whoever, needs to be challenging this! Call out the "World Champs," and invite them to a best-of-seven in Switzerland!

Either that, or every other country's champion should just say that they, too, are World Champs. Or better yet, say that they're "Universe Champs."

Soon, MLB will expand to Japan and who knows where else. So pretty soon, we will truly have a champion of the world. Or closer to one than now, anyway.

Until then, the Boston Red Sox will just have to be World Champions. :)

Also, Cuban baseball rules. I think I've mentioned this before. But the players are treated like everyone else, don't get paid any extra for being really good, and don't switch teams, because the players are loyal to their home region, and wouldn't want to play for a different one. It makes for a better game, I'm sure. And it being such a beautiful island, seeing a baseball game down there would be pretty close to heaven on earth. Not as close to seeing the Red Sox win the, uh, "World" Series, but close nonetheless.

Thanks for the question. (I'm wondering why you chose this blogger to ask, or if you sent that out to every blog as a psychological experiment.)

Maybe it was just a trick to get on the internet ...

"Cuban baseball rules"

Exploitation and indentured servitude rules too. It must be really great to not be able to choose where you work while earning a meager living even though you have a talent that only a small percentage of your peers can boast. I guess "not wanting to play for a different [team]" means not wanting to risk your life by jumping on a raft in hopes of playing baseball here.
Who do you think gets the revenue from the baseball games played in Cuba? Shouldn't the lion's share go to the players? Every time I hear an argument about how MLB players are overpaid no one ever suggests a desired alternative. Terrible job.

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