Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wells Comes Up HuGe

Yeah, David. That's what we're looking for.

8-0 Red Sox win in one of our many hometowns, Baltimore.

Nice homer for the Captain, and Manny's still hitting the crap out of the ball. And we're getting close to having the best dilemma a baseball team could ever have: "Which one of these six awesome starters should get sent to the bullpen?" I will definitely feel bad for Bronson if it's him, since he earned his spot last year, and hasn't done anything to warrant losing it.

And Sam, of course you get credit for the Rays' win over the yanks yesterday. I have so many thoughts in my head that sometimes things I thought of don't make the final cut by accident.

How many times have we heard BDD rip ticket scalpers? It seems to be one of his bigger pet peeves. Now there's a huge ad for an internet ticket scalping agency on his site. I'm sure is responsible, but you'd think he'd at least say something about that.

Also, I disagree with him on Sheffield. I think if you're a player, and you punch a fan during a play, or ever, there's no reason why you shouldn't be punished in some way.

I wasn't hard on Sheffield for the initial reaction, but I felt his going back to the stands after getting away from the situation should have deserved at least a token fine at minimum and a one game suspension. He's going to take a day off eventually so it wouldn't be that big of a deal. If you read his comments, he now feels completely justified in all his actions which he shouldn't. I don't believe he should have gotten a huge supsension, but to let him off scot free is only going to be trouble done the road.

Couple the above with the fact Papa Jack just got a one game suspension from being tossed by the umpire after the Ump supposedly read his lips, and we see what a joke MLB is when it comes to dealing out discipline.

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