Friday, April 08, 2005

"We'll Be Back In Two And Two"-Chuck Woolery

Thanks to my dad for pointing out this article from the Daily News by Bob Raissman. Great stuff for anti-Kay people.

The Devil Rays' slogan this year is "Watch It Happen." Who came up with that one, Mike Hunt? Hey, at least they're honest.

The yanks' is "Looking Back, Looking Forward." Because they definitely don't want you to see what's going on right now.

Which is that Jaret Wright got shelled in his first outing tonight, the bullpen is for shit, and Mariano just ain't right. (My mom pointed out tonight that on Opening Day at Fenway, when they announce the yankee players, Mo will get one of the biggest ovations of the day. And you know, if he does, he should pull an LAPD in Heat, when Pacino's character realizes he's just been had, and he just smiles and throws up his hands, knowing that the criminals are taking his picture. If he did that, I'd have some respect for him. But I'm sure he'll just look down and frown. Which would be good to see anyway.)

My point is, tonight was a good night, and I think the yanks are gonna have problems, while the Sox will soon be firing on all, you know, those things. Foulke will be all right, and so will Edgar. But we're already tied for first (with every other team, I know) with those guys and Manny slumping. I smell repeat.

Like I said, everybody's in first place. The entire AL East is 2-2. Phil Rizzuto is saying, "Dueces are wild, White" in his grave. Oh wait, he continues to live. Sorry.

This also reminds me of the time when Bob Costas started off an NFL pregame show by saying, "Everybody give me five, because every team in the AFC East is 5-5." This had to be '87-ish. He proceeded to give high fives to Ahmad Rashad and Paul McGuire, I think.

Hey now, don't make fun of the D-Rays. It's an appropriate slogan. And if you look at the boxscores in the paper tomorrow, you'll notice that the Rays stole 5, yes 5, bases today against the A's.

I mean, you do realize that the A's probably won't steal their 5th base (as a team) until mid-June or so, right?

The Rays are, if nothing else, a very exciting team to watch when they get on base. Which doesn't happen as often as I'd like, as OBP and SLG are the two areas in which the Rays' offense lacks. Still ...
Oh, I'm sure I'll be "watching it happen," if by "it" you mean watching that bad team lose 15 games to the Yankees this year.
Yes, I hope you enjoy your many victories over the Devil Rays this year, keeping in mind that your goddam pantywaist choke of a 3rd baseman will make only $5m less than our entire team.

Have a nice day!

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