Tuesday, April 19, 2005


A little more on the yanks game from last night:

It's a good sign when the yankees get booed in their own stadium within minutes of scoring thirteen runs in an inning.

Mike Francesa today was saying that Torre said to Girardi in the dugout "One more blankin' hit and I have to pull him." That referring to shitty pitcher Jaret "'sRoom" Wright.

The Rays were a dinger away from actually making it a game after twice trailing by thirteen runs.

I really think Torre could've just left the park and not come back had they blown that lead, considering what George had said the day before.

But there's plenty of season left for Bronx chaos. Stay tuned.

Also, great moment between yankee radio announcers Jon "I'm literally doing all the play-by-play because Suzyn doesn't know how" Sterling and Suzyn "Listen for me to stumble over a word and/or make a factual mistake and/or misuse a word and/or contradict Jon because I wasn't listening EVERY time I speak!" Waldman.

Last night's incident involves the fourth option above. Sterling said that Travis Lee would not have gotten to a ball hit by Tony Womack which had hit the first base bag, had it not hit the bag. Suzyn followed that up by saying, "It's a good thing that ball hit the bag, because Travis Lee would've fielded that ball." She stated her opinion boldly, but it wasn't her disagreeing with him, it was her completely missing that he had JUST said the opposite was true. It sounded so ridiculous (and made it seem like they were watching different plays) that Sterling just let it go and moved on.

I'm glad we gave Timmy Wakefield a contract extension. It will be great to see a good guy like that have a retirement celebration at Fenway in a few years. Then again, this guy might have ten more years in him.


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