Friday, April 01, 2005

They'll Never Learn

Mike Francesa: "The yanks will win the World Series."

(Then he goes on to say that there's no team you can guarantee will win 85 games in the National League. But the yanks winning it all--apparently that's pre-determined.)

The great thing was that after Mad Dog countered Mike's prediction with a Red Sox-Giants World Series, it wasn't followed by Francesa chuckling.

Kay: The Red Sox will win 102 or 103 games. But the yanks will win 108. And: "I don't see any possible way the yankees can not win the AL East...Six or seven players would have to get hurt."

Now let's do a little test. How would it sound, Kay and Kay followers, if I heard your predictions and in my most serious, journalistic voice, said, "As long as they've got that 'NY' on their chest, you know they'll just blow it in the end."


"It's really the attitude of the people of the Bronx. Since 2001, losing is just ingrained in their lifestyle. In fact, I think they like it. It has to do with the long, cold winters there, and the Puritan work ethic."

Sounds pretty stupid, huh? Like, stupid enough to get a newspaper writer fired, right?


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