Tuesday, April 26, 2005


As a proofreader, I see lot of books every day. The Red Sox are mentioned in books much more than the yankees, I've noticed. This is probably because you have to be somewhat intelligent to write a book, so more authors are Red Sox fans, hence, more Red Sox name dropping.

Today, though, I had something really funny happen. I smuggled home a copy of the page this was on so I could relay it here. This is from some novel set in the 1800s:

"Before leaving Littlesworth they had gone to see Frost, the 'unofficial' sheriff, and had him write a note verifying the fact that they had killed the two wanted men, Wes Gardner and Bob Stanley."

Only a Sox fan could've written this, as only we know what it's like to want to kill Wes Gardner and Bob Stanley.

I just thought it was funny to choose Red Sox players' names from the eighties for the names of characters in some old-timey trash novel.

Also, I never thought I'd say this, but Jerry Springer is the calm voice of reason. He's got a show on Air America Radio. And I seem to agree with what he's preachin'. I don't know what the hell he was doing on that ridiculous tv show all those years.

But I do know that I once worked with a dude who was so obsessed with A. that show, and B. the fact that my name is pronounced the same as Mr. Springer's, that every day when I'd come in to work, this dude would chant my name. And since I wasn't familiar with the show, I figured the dude was just a really big fan of mine. (Although I'd be confused when he'd say, "Fuck YOU, Jere!" for no reason.)


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