Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Sons Of Bino-Gate

yankee Stadium to be flushed down itself for good.

We've heard this before, but maybe this is the real deal. But the last line of the article--the quote from Levine, does that seem a little naive or what?

I just saw a headline that read "Is L.A. Cursed by Shaq-bino?"

So I guess every curse is a "-bino" and every scandal is a "-gate" and every message board is a "Sons of..." (And as I've mentioned before, every crappy movie is an "-ishtar.")

While totally uncreative and ridiculous, this is an interesting phenomenon. Because you know there are some dumber folks out there who just don't grasp the concept, and think the non-existent suffix "-gate' actually means "scandalous." And I'm sure some people think "Right, 'Sons of,' as in, 'people who talk about a subject as if it's their father.'" Because surely some fifteen year olds in Idaho have never heard of the Son of Sam killer.

I watched that Ortiz grand slam online over and over. It's so good to have that summertime magic back. The Red Sox at Fenway with the uniforms glowing in the lights. The little white ball flying through the night, landing in a frenzied crowd.

I'm on my way up there right now.

And David Wells pitched well and I forgot to give him credit!

I've always loved you, Boomer. (As long as you simply never, ever lose another game. Ever.)

[Edit from 4/17: That last line makes no sense, but you get the picture.]


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