Monday, April 25, 2005

Some Syndrome Stuff

Something I forgot, about Sterling, yesterday:

Andy Phillips, the yankee backup first baseman, had a good day at the plate. Sterling's call on his home run was "Andy fills it up!" Like, Fill-up. Phillips. Terrible. Anyway, he went on to talk about how he knows how it's just one game, and how he's "been around," (he told us the history of Sterling just to prove that) and he knows that the guy's not gonna hit a home run every game. (Jon: "If he did, that'd be 162 homers!" Suzyn: "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." And she wasn't laughing sarcastically, either.) So after this whole spiel about how amazing this Phillips is, while essentially pretending to not get too excited about it, he then says, "Now here's Bubba Crosby..."

Who, as you know if you paid attention last year, had one amazing game for the yanks and did nothing after that. It's called Timo Perez Syndrome. That's what I wrote about it almost exactly a year ago.

I swear, Sterling talks so much this year, he has to be missing pitches. The other day, he and traitor-lady were talking about the NFL draft. Here's how it went down:

Suzyn: "I actually heard a reporter say with a straight face, 'This will be a long draft,' and I thought, As opposed to what?"

Jon: "As opposed to what, exactly. Three-two pitch, gr-- As opposed to the Paris Peace Treaty!"

(much unwarranted yet somehow real chuckling from both)

Then they kept talking, then another pitch was thrown, and the at bat ended. So what the hell was "Gr--"? Grounded foul? His Paris Peace Treaty line was more important than telling us what happened on the play? He's just losing it, I tell you. Whatever Steinbrenner shot him up with to make him go from sluggish and pessimistic in spring training to non-stop and yank-ily arrogant as he used to be is going to his brain. And he gets made fun of on the FAN just about every day, so it's not just me that's noticing.

About my diet: I admit, I forgot about "that time of the month." Yes, in the unabridged version (400 pp., $29.99 U.S., email me to order), you will see that it IS okay to take medicine for PMS. I can't relate, so I can't say that drugs aren't allowed in that case. Thanks for the heads up, zaga. (Also, don't think you need to stop with the nicknames. Minutiae is what this blog is all about. Bring it on.)

We just lost a crappy game to the O's. I had a bad feeling about Wells tonight, but only because it was so cold. I imagined him doing poorly, and then blaming the cold. It's probably what got him hurt tonight, but I don't really know. Didn't get a good look at it on the radio. I'm glad I didn't have to go to this cold loss. I traded away tickets to tonight's game (along with others) for my Opening Day ticket. I apologize to whoever ended up going tonight.

RIP Earl Wilson, the first black pitcher the Red Sox ever had. Castiglione said a lot of good things about him tonight. Sounds like he was a great guy.

Yeah, thanks for the seats, BTW.
Oh, right, this was the "one hand washes the other" game.

Glad you could go, sorry about the results. Did the people to your right know the people a few rows in front and goof around the whole game, calling each other Johnny Kickstand, Johny Ringo, and Tito?
The husband guy just scored us tickets for tonight's game. Flukey! Still not comfortable with the Abe Lincoln nickname. Let's win tonight, "honest!" Admittedly, that was very bad. I've got nothing. Clemmie? Help me out here. Husband's co-worker (person who sold us the tickets) claims that though they are bleacher seats, they are still good. I'm not feelin it.

Last night wasn't even a game. What the hell was it? Beats me. Granted, it's still early, but the loss counts. The soup counts, Banyon.

Oh - and I swear Tito - during the postgame Q + A, said the word "shitty." I did a double take. It went something like this (not exactly, mind you, I don't have a transcript):

Reporter: So, what are your feelings on Wells' performance tonight?
Tito: Well, it's not like he came up to me and said "I think I'm going to pitch a shitty game tonight"

"Did the people to your right know the people a few rows in front and goof around the whole game, calling each other Johnny Kickstand, Johny Ringo, and Tito?"

They clearly knew each other, but I didn't catch any nicknames. To be honest, I have a wonderful ability to zone out whenever I want to. Especially people ... I can be really good at ignoring people. So yeah, I didn't catch any nicknames.

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