Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Red Sox Rock

This weekend, I was at my parents' place, and I noticed a rock that looked like a sock. I told my dad that we should paint it red, like the socks on the Red Sox logo. He said, "You can't paint a public rock!" in the way only a dad could. Note: This is the same man who wants to get a Red Sox flag, row it out to a little island a hundred yards off shore where there's a flagpole, and fly the Red Sox flag for all the coastline to see.

Anyway, I didn't paint the rock, but I tried to make a Sox logo out of it. Too bad that other rock is right where the "ST" in "BOSTON" would be. And too bad I had to draw in the other sock.

I wasn't working with the type of sand I'm used to, keep in mind. Had I been, this would have been a masterpiece.

Too bad there's nothing to judge the size by, but I think it was, like, five feet in circumference. (Photo taken from a balcony.)

This is the first in my "Red Sox logos in nature" series, as I also know of a tree with a mark on it that looks like the old English "B."

What I do with my life

You are the Red Sox Andy Goldsworthy. Looking forward to more in this series.
Cool photo. The curve of shells and sea glass running through the middle really draws the eye to the logo in the sand.
I just made a pancake that could easily be a stand-in for the other sock.

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