Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope Dead, Sox Alive

He missed April Fool's Day by a day. Would have been kind of an ironic victory for Pagans. Oh, well.

In 1979, the year I turned four, the Pope visited New York. I remember each television station switching over to Pope coverage, one by one. At one point, Gilligan's Island was the last show standing. I could live with that. But Gilligan ended, and Get Smart came on. I like the theme song, but wasn't a fan of the show. At all. Thanks a lot, Popey. Taking away kids' shows like that. It was "me, me, me" with that dude...

Also, this officially closes the book on a bet I had with my friend Bruce: Who will die first, Reagan or the Pope. I've long since lost, of course. But our new bet is heating up (Who will have a baby first, Spears or Aguilera) as Britney may be pregnant. I'm hoping not, as i picked Aggie.

It's only a dollar, these bets, so it's no big deal.

[For details on the title of this post, check the internet or ask a friend. It's from '78.]


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