Thursday, April 28, 2005

More "New Phone Books" Arrive


When I ordered my Hall Of Fame Game tickets, I was told that they were obstructed view due to walking traffic. After looking at pictures of Doubleday Field, I figured my seats must be in the front row, because I couldn't figure out where else you could be and have people walking in front of you. (The place holds about 10,000, and there appears to be only one walkway to get to the seats, right at the bottom of the stands.)

Got my tix in the mail today.

Row A.

Again, gold.

So I'll be a few feet from the third base bag, if I'm calculating correctly. Right by Billy Mueller! I mean...Youkilis! I mean...uh...Vazquez! Well, I guess the one sure thing is that I'll be right near Dale Svuem. (crickets.)

I just realized that when Samara from Blue Cats, Et Cetera reads that I'm going to be right near Tiger players (the team we're playing), she'll probably ask me to take pictures of their butts. Look, I'll take regular pictures, but those special shots are gonna cost you. Or better yet, ask Empyreal Environs, who also will be there, as maybe she can get close-ups of whatever areas you ladies are interested in.

Also, there's a deal where kids get to run the bases and high five the players after the game. I'll be taking my mom and my cousin's husband and one of his sons, who will surely be psyched to learn that he'll be going on the field. I'm pretty sure he's under twelve. He and his dad are yankee fans, but they're family, it's cool. Hey, my cousin married into yankee-dom, what can I say? She was happy for her "old" team when we finally won. So again, it's cool.

what is this, some kind of blogger convention? When I turned down Detroit, Jere, I didn't realize the tickets were in the front row, and since then Samara's really piqued my interest for the Tigers. But since I have work scheduled, and my 30th Birthday and all, you WILL take pictures. Maybe you should take pics of every one of them from the waist down, and have us guess who it is.
Scary how we've never met, and yet you know me so well.

Erm. *cough*

*huge puppy dog eyes*
I'd just like to say that I still don't know what Rebecca meant by "turned down Detroit," as I'm not even going there. There was some confusion here. We may never know what she meant. Oh, well. She lives in her own very special world.

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