Thursday, April 28, 2005


I discovered something really funny on the Poland Spring logo. Since it's monkey-related, I emailed my findings to my friend Bruce about it. And it appears he has done the work of explaining it for me. So go to his blog, Konk On The Noggin, to read about this amazing monkey dicovery! Have your Poland Spring bottle ready.

In other monkey news: I just wanted to clarify what I meant about my last monkey-related idea.

While on the subway a few weeks ago, I just looked around at all the other humans (this happened to me again today, at, ironically, the restaurant Subway,) and they all just seemed so odd. Like, if monkeys were the highest order of beings, this would be a sci-fi-writing monkey's idea of what some futuristic race might be like. The point is, everything's just a little off, because these monkeys have never seen humans, as they don't exist in this hypothetical world (why isn't the plural "monkies," by the way?). So in the monkey's vision, these advanced beings all walk very upright, stand in a line, communicate with each other calmly, trading pieces of paper for food, or just sitting, letting time waste away while sitting in transportation machines.

I guess what I'm saying is that sometimes I look at a group of people and see no life whatsoever, just robots. Monkeys would kill for a subway car that brings them all over the place, super-fast, and they'd surely dance and jump around the whole time they were on one.

But who am I to talk?

Anyway, while at Subway today, I noticed something: Subway appears to have switched hands from Pepsico to Coca-Cola! I can get Cherry Coke at Subway now!

Speaking of Pepsi, I heard A-Rod is now a spokesman of theirs. I guess he heard the second-place soda was looking for someone and figured he'd jump right on board. Could Avis rent-a-car be next for Alex?

Jere, I have a question for you. Although I am from Boston and support the Red Sox, i fail to see how we can justify ourselves as the world champions when we only played American teams. Agreed there isnt likely any other oppostion, but isnt it just a little bold and very 'America number 1'?

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