Thursday, April 21, 2005

Monkey Muscle

Wow, I just heard Tool's "46 & Two" as the "coming back from commercial" music on the Red Sox game on the radio. I don't think I've noticed that one before. I still want to meet whoever chooses that music.

As I write this, we're three outs away from a 1-0 win.

Today, Mike & the Mad Dog were ripping Jon Sterling. It was great. They were--2 outs away now-- they were playing--crap, double for Javy Lopez-- various terrible calls of Sterling's. Before one of them, Francesa casually says, "We've got to play this one, because this is something that happened for the first time in baseball history."

One out away.

So they play Sterling's call: "It is high, it is far, it the wall....and it bounces into the stands for a grounds rule double."

So funny how he's always so concerned about proper grammar that he ends up telling us that a baseball hit off a wall but somehow bounced over that wall.

They were really getting on him, and laughing their asses off.

Come on, Foulke. Two and One. Of course, this gameday audio is like thirty seconds behind, so who knows what's really---oh, YEAH, 1-0 WIN!

Clement was awesome tonight. Two game sweep. Zero runs given up. Repeat '05.

So, my point is, the FAN is pretty anti-yankees. Imus claims to be a yankee fan, but makes fun of them plenty, and his crew makes fun of them as well. Sid and Joe are both Mets fans. Mike's a yankee fan, but Mad Dog's a Giant fan and leader of the "crack committee"--the members of the station who are yankee haters. Steve Somers is a Mets fan. Chris Carlin is a Texas Rangers fan, but he's usually pretty pro-yankee, actually. And the other people that do shows on there on weekends are usually Mets-types. So it's a good station in that regard.

Also, whenever I listen to sports radio in other cities, I realize that the FAN is just above and beyond in general. Probably because it had a big head start on everybody else. Most other sports stations may as well be Simpsons or SNL parodies.

Moving on, when you're on a subway or bus, do you ever feel like you're an actor in a movie made by a monkey-director about an advanced race of monkeys?

Me, too!

Note: I just realized that this post made sense after all, since the Tool song at the beginning is about evolution, and then the monkeys... Also, the effing chokers got a bs win, with Mariano doing his usual almost-blowing-the-save thing. They're going nowhere this year.

Monkey movie ... I like that. I wouldn't have put it in those words, but I know the exact feeling you're talking about.

But when I get that feeling, I want sexua ... wait, nevermind. No, I was gonna say, when I get that feeling, I usually reprove myself gently. Because, in the words of somebody famous somewhere once, "Eye yam wut eye yam."

No gettin' around it.

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