Monday, April 18, 2005

Mark Of The Hell-Born

I'm officially retina-scanned, tattooed, and branded.

The high-quality Red Sox Nation card just arrived in the mail.

I'm below the 5000 line as far as member # goes. Too bad Silva bought up all those early numbers or I might have been even lower.

A rare Patriots' Day win. Maybe not that rare, but I definitely think of it as a losing day rather than a winning one usually. But things are different now.

My dad has a theory that Steinbreener's comments were purposely made right before a Devil Rays series, to make himself look good if they beat Tampa Bay. Probably true. The bonus is if they get swept by Tampa Bay. Then maybe that ass hole will fire himself.

We're 3 1/2 up as of this moment. I really want to have a division lead in summer this year, and see what all the stupid reporters say now that they can't use "As long as it says Boston on their chest, they'll blow it in the end."

Or even funnier would be if the yanks have a lead and everyone just assumes they will blow it...

Got my card yesterday too- I carry it proudly. Number in the 2K neighborhood- I'd say exactly, but that's like my Red Sox social security card. I don't want Red Sox identity theft, especially from one of those mooks that was "too good" for it the first time around and is now jealous of studs like Jere and BSM with RSN cards.

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