Thursday, April 28, 2005

Love The Rain, Hate The Out

I love rainy days. There's something about the way the rain outside makes it easier to get through a work day. The only negative about rain is that it cancels baseball games.

But this one's okay, because if there ever was a time when this team needed a two-day vacation...

So, with not much Red Sox action going on, I thought I'd catch up on the latest lies over at Boston Dirt Dogs.

There I saw a picture of some people on Lansdowne Street waiting on line to get in to Fenway on Opening Day. (Barks & Bites section, 4/25, open in a new browser to compare the two shots.)

I thought, Hey, I remember that really funny Tom Jones-related sign, but I certainly don't remember that "Dirt Dogs" sign. I also remembered that while I was standing in that area with Evan and Dave from MVN/All-Baseball, Dave snapped a shot of it. So I asked him if he remembered any Dirt Dogs sign, and if he still had the photo. He didn't remember a Dirt Dogs sign either, and his shot, which he sent to me, proves it:

What I'm getting at is that these dudes obviously just took a black pen and a small piece of paper and crudely scribbled "Dirt Dogs" on it, then had one of their buddies (I'm guessing blue jacket, since he doesn't appear to be in the shot shown on DD's site) snap a pic, just so they could get on

And it worked. Way to pull a fast one on him, guys.

I just think it's funny how, from the shot on Dirt Dog's site, it would appear to be some kind of " mania!" with revelers sharing tales of past headlines, singing song parodies, toasting George Bush, and ripping hated Red Sox of the past like Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martinez. When in actuality, it was just some really tired people on the sidewalk.

It's not like I even needed any kind of proof of this, as the quickly-whipped-up-with-a-pen "Dirt Dogs" (not, mind you, just "Dirt Dogs") sign tells you exactly what's going on: "Somebody write 'Dirt Dogs' and we'll get on the internet!"

But, like I said, the Red Sox have two days off, what the hell else am I supposed to do?


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