Saturday, April 30, 2005

Just Fun. Good Times.

Big Unit

Little Unit

It's okay to not have a unit. A-Rod just happens not to have one is all. It's cool.No Unit

Hey, why not? Simple. Fun. We like to kid the yanks.

I'm not gonna make fun of their starter for today. That would be too easy. And racist, I think. But now that I think about it, I could just use his name for the purposes of making fun of A-Rod, as is the theme of this piece. So here goes:


Being wangless is also okay. Again, that's just how A-Rod rolls.No Wang

Anyway, last night's performance by the tall, hard-to-look-at one was probably discouraging for him, as Halladay ended up out-duelling him. Frustration in the yankee clubhouse is what I want. He must be pissed. Seriously. "I go out and pitch nine innings and Murderer's Wo-(mack) can't score a run?! WTF?"

The Sox are now 11-11, which, let's hope, is good luck. I just got a fortune cookie that said "Summer time will brings good fortune to those who wear the red stockings." Actually, I didn't. I didn't even get a fortune cookie at all. But I still believe the statement to be true.

[The "s" at the end of the word "bring" was a mistake, but I've left it in, because those fortunes often have misused or misplaced words, as you know.]

[Edit from like ten minutes later: Okay, this is ridiculous. It would just be unfair to not mention the matchup in the yanks-Jays game today. At yankee Stadium today, you can "C. Wang pitch against D. Bush." Come on, people.]


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