Saturday, April 02, 2005

Jackson Brown As Billy Mueller

Hi, I'm Bill Mueller.

Over at Empyreal Environs, there's a nice thing about Bill Mueller. It's time the "other" Bill Mueller gets his due. Click here for the "other" Bill Mueller's site.

I know on Father's Day, I always used to get a bat painted on my face, with its head slightly off center, and hang out with my dad Bill Mueller and my sister, who'd both have unpainted faces, on the edge of a cliff. Didn't you?

Our Bill Mueller is more interesting.

On that note, there was actually another Bill Mueller, same spelling even, who played in MLB back in the '40's. Got less than 100 career AB's, though, so it appears that our modern Bill Mueller (as we all suspected) reigns unchallenged as the greatest Bill Mueller in baseball history.

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