Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm Talkin' Bout A Glassa Beer

Whenever my friend Drew Blood goes to Amsterdam, I naturally ask him to bring me back a receipt for a glass of beer from a movie theater. He has just returned, once again without my receipt. But he did give me this interesting fact about soccer stadiums over there:

"i saw this at the ajax/psv eindhoven soccer game i went to, they put psv fans in one section, caged in, with military on both sides of the section to prevent a riot, and they had to take a special train and walk though a tube from the train station, to get into the arena to their seats.

im thinking this could give baseball games more atmosphere, because a yank fan can never insult you at a game, to your face anyway."

Very interesting...

Thanks to all two of you who gave me sign ideas for Sunday night, they were both great. But I'm going with "2004 ALCS: A Ruthian Collapse."

So look for it behind the Ruth monument before the game starts, if they do send a camera out there.

Tonight, Chan and I go to see Sarah Vowell and David Sedaris speak. I like both, but mainly Vowell, who, unfortunately may end up being most known for being the voice of the daughter in The Incredibles. I liked the movie and all, but she's done so much great writing and should be known for that first. You may have also seen her as a guest on Conan O'Brien's show. She's been on there quite a bit.

How sweet is it to see the pitching matchup for Sunday up on Seeing that, you know that it is time.

Weird how the yankee starter is known for beating the yankees, and the Red Sox starter is known for being a yankee. Don't disappoint us, big number 3.

On a completely unrelated note, yet somehow related because of this post's title, I saw "Pulp Fiction" again for the 325th time last night... and I'll be damned if it isn't the greatest fucking movie ever made. Remember when Ving Rhames was actually menacing [before all that cryin' and givin' awards away to Jack Lemmon]? I still have to pick up the DVD, as it allegedly has audition footage. Or maybe I dreamed that...
Got the DVD right here, no mention of auditions. And while there's no commentary, you can turn on a feature where facts about the film pop up througout.

Don't you wish that you'd pass a billboard on the highway that says, "Pulp Fiction is indeed the best fucking movie ever made"? Just seems like it needs to be made official in some way.

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