Sunday, April 17, 2005

Don't Spare A-Rod

The A-Rod fake life-saving story situation is hilarious. I've been reading the threads about it on the two main boards, laughing my butt off.

The guy can't win. And I love it. He's like Frank Grimes.

"Surely if I tell everybody I saved a kid's life, they'll all love me." Sorry, buddy. You might as well try to give yourself a nickname.

In other news, I just donated a kidney to an orphan, I swear. And please call me Rocky McAwesome from now on.

I also want to bring up a funny conversation I heard at work:

Guy: "I'm leaving for Alabama tomorrow."

Woman: "Oh. Family, or...?"

Guy: "Nah, I'm takin' my kid to Space Camp."

Just cracked me up for some reason.

Also, thanks to the nice comments from a dude named Mike, who may have been the first person to mention the Butthole Surfers on this, or any, Red Sox blog.

You're welcome. I could rattle off tons more obscure 80's punk or hardcore bands if you'd like.

I saw that show in Austin, TX the same week I saw Black Flag in Houston. Texas had such a good scene back then. Oh yeah, I also saw Jello from the DK's that week as well in Houston.

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