Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Visual Era Now In Full Swing

The mid-80s rule

Me and dad stranded at sea circa '86. Since I was talking Ghostbusters and Red Sox, I thought I'd post this. Also, now that I've decided (figured out how) to post pictures here, well, I'll be doing that a lot. I have a lot of cool pictures. I can't promise that the Ghostbusters logo will appear in every one, but sometimes.

Also, tell your yankee fan and USA Today-reading fans that they can read my site now.

About this picture: We were on Long Island Sound, off the coast of Old Saybrook, CT. On the left side, on the horizon, is what appears to be a plume of smoke. It kind of looks like the Statue of Liberty. So I like to imagine we're on the Hudson River, off the tip of Manhattan. Try it. It's fun. Not as much fun as I was having that day, though, as you can tell by the look of absolute excitement on my face. Also, I don't know what that splotch is under my eye. It could be sunlight, but I think it's just a spot on the negative.

I like this shot. A lazy summer day in a boat (being rowed by dad while you do nothing), the Sox, Ghostbusters. What more could a kid want?

You must be a BLOHARDS member. If not, you should join now. Go to their site and get membership info and a lot more...
Um, thanks for the tip, Anonymous. I looked up BLOHARDS and it stands for the Benevolent Loyal Order of the Honorable Ancient Redsox Diehard Sufferers of New York. You guys need a name update.

At any rate, I like the new picture-enhanced ARSFiPT. It's like HDTV, but without the expensive equipment and monthly fees.
That Ghostbusters shirt is probably worth about five grand now. Since the advent of Ebay, I don't throw anything away.
I am not a BLOHARDS member. I do remember reading mailings from them when I was a little kid. Maybe my parents were members in the pre-internet days. Maybe that's what those scars are there always hiding.

I still have the GB shirt, as I decided to save everything long before eBay came along. But even five grand couldn't get me to part with that thing. Opening Day tickets at Fenway, that would be a different story. Anybody? I'll throw in my Ghostbusters pillowcase...

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