Monday, March 07, 2005

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Priceless. Did you do both voices?

A friend told me that at the 9/26 game, they were making fun of Lofton. He got thrown at, and he tried to start something. No one in the dugout came to defend him. They poked at him in a deadpan manner, not calling attention to themselves.
You've been...CASTIGLIONED!!!!!
You should do a different call every day..
"Gedman digs in....Tanana rocks, kicks and deals...."
For the record, I always assume the ball will be "tracked down," or "stabbed" anytime Joe gets all worked up like that. A misguided call from Castiglione is better than an ill-fated "WAY Back!!!!" call from Troup, though..for some reason I always believe him.
"Did you do both voices?"

No way, Joe and Jerry were chillin' at my place, and they just started goofin' around with a microphone, and the rest is history.

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