Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Picture Is Worth $19.99


Looks like I'll be getting a (-nother) new T-shirt. This is the new commemorative logo the Sox will be wearing on a patch on their uniforms. According to the site, they'll wear them "before the Opening Day game." (Then straight to auction, I guess?) These special unis also have GOLD outline around the letters and numbers. I guess that's to reaffirm just how GOLD winning the World Series is.

But about that logo, it reminds me of the Ghostbusters logo. I don't know why it would any more than the regular Red Sox logo does, but it just does. Maybe it's all that white, and the '84 ringer style. Or maybe taking away the baseball seams from behind the red socks does it.

Speaking of gold, I scored my first ever trip to baseball heaven today, aka Monster Seats. Standing Room was all that was available by the time I got through, but that's gold enough for me.

So Pat and I will be attending every Sox home Saturday game from June 15th through August 27th. It's all going according to the pipe dream. Except, of course, the Holy Grail of Opening Day tix still elude me.

But stranger things have happened. And very recently...

(Bullshit Memorial beat me to this post, almost in its entirety. But you gotta stick to your original vision, so...all right, let me make this post uniquely my own: Rich Gedman. He wore number 10. He was a catcher.)

Great. Another t-shirt I have to buy.

This is how Mike and I phrase it too, when talking about all this stuff. When we see something as cool as that shirt or whatever, it's never- "man, I hope I can scare up enough cash for that," it's "great. I have to buy something ELSE." There is no choice.

There will be the first (hopefully) annual RSFIPT/ BSM summit in Cleveland on June 20, with Mike as our witness. Should be a doozy.

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