Sunday, March 13, 2005


Click here to see my Red Sox movie. Meaning look below this sentence:

The ubiquitous Chan and I went to NYC yesterday. A cool moment: Some standard-issue punk girls were headed toward us on the street. (Not the Avril Levigne-type teenage girls with "Punk Rules!" T-shirts and too much eye shadow, more like actual freaks, college-aged.) They had the studded belts and fishnets and and dirty clothes and whatnot. One wore a backwards hat. As we passed, I, of course, had to check to see if, on an outside chance, it was a Sox hat. (You know me and the Sox hat hunting, saw about eight yesterday.) But I thought to myself, Well, even if it is a Sox hat, it's probably just random, but it would still be cool. So I turn my head as she walks by to get a glimpse of the hat, and to my surprise: "Red Sox 2004 World Champions." I was so excited. Chan was not. Even if she was omly wearing it to piss off the millions of yankee fans around her, hey, isn't that what it's all about anyway? It's just cool that at the very least, she's aware of what's going on. Punks and baseball: together since, I don't know, the Ramones put that baseball bat in their logo.

We also each took credit for a celebrity sighting. Chan got Crispin "Get your damn hands off her" Glover. I scored Bill Walton. Quite a pair, huh? (They were not together, heh heh.) Glover was being filmed and interviewed by some dude as they walked along the east side of Washington Square Park. As we passed them, Glover was showing the camera his license. The guy said, "You got a real surfer dude persona goin' there." Glover gigglingly agreed. He's a real wacko, that Crispin. Chan refused my offer of 100 dollars to yell out "Hello McFly!" (Note: I would not have paid. Also, terrible job by me, since Glover probably gets that one all the time.)

As for Walton, Chan said "Hey Bill!" as he rushed by. He said "Hel-lo!" Chan was quite disappointed with his choice of greeting for Mr. Walton.

Ironically, after seeing Glover, we tried to figure out who would be the next celebrity we'd see. We decided it would be another Glover. Which pretty much limited us to Danny Glover. So when it turned out to be Walton, I said, Glover was in Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox, who played basketball in Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf, Too, and Walton is a basketball player. So it all made perfect sense.


A little speechless here. But, Blogger is insisting that I leave a comment, so....

I adore Nick Drake. I wonder what he would have gone on to do had he lived longer. He is like John Keats. As was said in Blade Runner, "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy."

The juxtaposition of the lunar eclipse, Red Sox footage, and Drake's meditative song was just sublime. I like the hard rocking retrospectives as well, but your quiet, contemplative short brings out a more tender mood. Also, with the focus on Roberts and Martinez, it's a bit of a goodbye letter, too, isn't it?

Loved it. (How'd it get so dusty in here?)
Ah, that rocked my red (*glances down* er, purple) socks off.


Anyways, I saw Danny Glover at the Lynn District Courthouse a couple of years ago when I was there for a high school Mock Trial meet. He was testifying in a trial for someone he knew. 100% of fact.

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