Sunday, March 13, 2005

(More On) The Movie

So about the movie... It is kind of sad how it turned out to be lots of guys who left the team: Pedro and Lowe, Pokey and Roberts, Cabrera. It was such a short song, a lot of guys I had footage of missed the cut, like Stankonia, Werner with the trophy, Arroyo, Youk, Embree, and Timlin. (And Wally.) But while at the parade, a lot of guys were on the other side of the boats. So we didn't even see Theo, Manny, Johnny, Trot, Foulke, or Millar. But it worked out, because I got to see those guys who left one last time, and as for the ones I missed, I can catch them all at next year's parade. And maybe I can make an alternate version of the movie with the guys who didn't appear in this one. But I'd have to keep the classic Pedro and Derek scene in that middle part.

The credit at the end says, "Pink Moon by Nick Drake, All footage (including moon) by Jere Smith" (who may or not be me depending on whether or not you are from the estate of the late Nick Drake. Keep in mind, I'm, I mean, Jere's, not making any money off of this, Mr. or Mrs. Drake.) Too bad I made that credit too small, but there's no changing it now. Unless, again, I make another version or a part 2.

The out-of-place blips of noise you may hear during the movie are the fault of either your computer or your own ears. They are not there because after I fixed the problem, I forgot to hit "save" one last time before uploading the movie to the internet, which took a long damn time.

Also, in case you didn't know, the eclipsed moon turned a pinkish color on the night of the Sox winning the World Series. I don't know if you can tell that from the movie.



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