Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Inevitable

Ding Dong, the Bitch is DeaD.

Well, not quite yet, but what I (and all the other people with brains in their heads) have been saying for a long time, which is that BostonDirtDogs aka Steve Silva is full of crap, is finally "out there." To the point where an ESPN announcer actually said that whoever came up with the Nomar ring lie should be fired. Go here for a link to the link to the link, etc. to the Boston Sports Media Watch stories on this.

So who knows, maybe D-Squared gets forced to pack it in, or at least to start telling the truth. (In the mean time, we're getting dark, blurry pictures of people we don't care about in Ft. Myers.)

It's funny how it got to the point where, when BDD quoted "Jessica," his "Correspondent in AZ," probably 90% of his readers assumed it was made up. At least I hope it was that many. When I read the original Nomar ring story (now PROVED to be a hoax), I put "correspondent" in quotes, like I am now, and said "Who knows if this is true," here on this blog. Just like I say about almost every other "story" on Dirt Dogs. In fact, I once gave Dirt Dog a "scoop,"* and he put what I wrote to him up on the site, and didn't verify anything. (I could have made the whole thing up.) So it's his tradition, I guess. I'm really glad he's finally seeing some pressure.

Another thing I forgot to mention during my last ripping session of Mr. Dog was how he gave a plug to "the best" yanks-Sox rivalry book, which was written by Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post, adding the fact that Vaccaro used BDD's headlines throughout his book. I thought, Hey, what are the odds?--After DD repeatedly gave links to New York Post stories, we find out that a Post reporter was writing a book that used DD's headlines (and surely paying for the rights).

I always wondered why he'd link to articles from a tabloid paper which, if you've ever seen Weekend Update or ANY talk show monologue, you know is the laughing stock of all the newspapers in New York, if not nationwide. (I always did like "Wonderword," though.) So now we know.

Also, Vaccaro has been on Michael Kay's show, I think. If not him, someone from the Post--Kevin Kernan, maybe. The point is, the only other place I heard about the other Nomar slander story--"Nomar Named"--besides on BDD, was on the Michael Kay show. (It was later that same day, and I heard Kay say that Nomar's name was in Canseco's book, and I got scared: "Oh no, DD was actually right about this!" Glad he wasn't. Oh wait, he didn't imply Nomar was on steroids. My mistake.) Which just proves how many different shows and writers use this bullshit rumor site to get their news. (There was another time when one of Kay's cronies brought up a topic that was taken right off of Dirt Dogs, I wish I could remember what it was.) And these are all New York people, so obviously DD has a lot of (unwarranted) influence.

So...I guess my post about blue uniforms will have to wait.

Happy birthday, Dad. Happy half-birthday, me.

*the "scoop": It was January 2004. I heard on Mike & the Mad Dog that A-Rod and Jeter would be filming a Super Bowl commercial. Mike said that they wanted to "keep it quiet." (Which telling everyone in the tri-state area kind of negates.) So I wrote to Dirt Dog, not having fully realized what he stood for yet, asking him if he'd heard about this. He said he hadn't. The next morning, up on his site was a little blurb saying to watch for an A-Rod/Jeter Super Bowl ad. I really could've made that up, but he just went ahead and put it on there. Then we all saw the stupid commercial where they're playing baseball in the house. (Maybe Jeter talked A-Rod into going to the yanks and switching to third base that day.) The only other communication I had with DD was whe I wrote him a long e-mail about "yankees Suck," and he replied, "Will respond in full later." He never did.

The Big Dawg in cahoots with a bunch of New York media stooges? Am I the only one who finds that hilariously hypocritical?

You should give him some more "scoops." You know, "Steinbrenner a Klansman!" or "Babe Ruth admits to steroid use," stuff like that. That'll teach him to do his homework with these correspondents of his ...

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