Thursday, March 17, 2005


So the Citgo sign is fully repaired. Kinda sad about the doorman missing the buzzing sound, since they're using LEDs now. See it go, as Joe Carter once said. I'd also like to say that the gas at Citgo stations pumps about twice as fast as every other station. So for two reasons, it is the only gas company I like.

Dana LeVangie has not been invited back to the Red Sox coaching staff. I guess this is kind of old news, but since the team never officially (as far as I can tell) announced he wouldn't be coming back, only mentioning who would be coming back, I guess I just assumed he'd always be around. Also, the naming of Bill Hasselman as the new bullpen coach was a dead giveaway, but again, I wasn't putting two and proverbial two together. Dana is a local guy, and definitely deserved the ring he got. You may know him from the scenes of Millar predicting the Sox would come back to win the ALCS during BP of Game 4. Having usually sat near the Red Sox bullpens for the most part over the last few years, in every city I've seen them play, I got to know the pre-game routine of Dana. Pat and I became big fans. As big as you can be of a bullpen coach, I guess. Hopefully they invite him to the ring ceremony.

In 1993, I saw Nirvana play live. The Breeders also played that night. Even though I was a huge Nirvana fan, I was slightly more psyched to see The Breeders, because they were the newer band, and I figured Nirvana would be around for a long, long time, and I'd get to see them plenty, so my psyched-ed-ness for them would be spread out over the years. What I'm getting at is, when I saw former Red Sox great Dick Radatz at "Autograph Alley," I thought, He's in the area, I'll always have plenty of chances to get his autograph. Unfortunately, Radatz died yesterday due to a fall in his home. I'm glad he got to see the Sox win the World Series. A fond farewell to the man who struck out Mickey Mantle 44 times in the 66 times he faced him. Or 47 out of 63, or 12 out of 16, depending on where you look. Does anyone know the official statistic?


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