Monday, March 21, 2005

Flintstones Fun Map

I saw a commercial on TV for Fever Pitch. I noticed a shot of Mike Myers (the baseball player) pitching. It was a lefty submariner so I knew it was him. I've decided I will see that movie. Just seeing Fenway footage will be cool. And I already know it's based on a good story. And I am a Jimmy Fallon fan. Even though people say he's A. Not funny, and B. a yankee fan.

I think he's C. Funny, and D. a Red Sox fan.

My mom said she saw an interview with him (pre-'04) where he said he had been a casual yankee fan, but after witnessing the crazy Sox fandom of Seth Myers and some other cast/crew of SNL, he bought into it and became a Sox fan. To me, anybody who could just continue to like the champion (at the time), but instead is drawn to the team who hadn't won in over 80 years and decides to root for them is okay in my flipbook. And Barrymore, well, I guess she's okay, too, if only for doing a Red Sox related movie. (Note: Again, this Fallon info came from my mom, so blame her if it's wrong.)

Even if he wasn't a Sox fan, I always thought the Sox fan skit was good, and it seemed to me to be an affectionate jab at Sully-types. You know, you rotary-drivin,' Cumby's-shoppin' people. Sorry. When he wore the Nomar T-shirt under his suit at a fancy restaurant, that just cracked me up. And same with his A-Rod/Jeter jokes on Weekend Update. But I'm easily amused. When I want to be.

From The Simpsons last night: Lisa and Bart are trying to drive a motor home back to the dealership because it's causing problems between Homer and Marge. They find a map in the vehicle. It turns out to be only a "Flintstones Fun Map." But wait, Lisa notices that Homer has written something on it, and hopes it might be directions to the dealership. She reads Homer's note to himself: "Dino short for dinosaur? Remember to ask Jeeves."

And on AD, they played "The Final Countdown" once again. Third time, I think. Gold. I was worried that David Cross's character was being written out of the show, since his wife kicked him out. But he came back in Mrs. Doubtfire-form.


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