Thursday, March 10, 2005


From the Chicago Tribune:

"The report quoted Garciaparra as telling a fan in Arizona, 'I don't want it. They can keep it.' As it turned out, the story apparently was a hoax planted on a fan Web site called The rumor made its way onto talk radio in New England and into some Boston newspapers.

Garciaparra had told the Tribune on Feb. 25 he appreciated the Red Sox's gesture and he was looking forward to receiving a World Series ring. So he was upset with the idea that someone was trying to impugn his reputation and no one had bothered to check it out before repeating it.

'They were putting it out like I was bitter," Garciaparra said. "They found out later it was a hoax.'"

Full story here. Registration required. Stuff we already knew, but I'm glad they're specifically placing blame where it needs to be. Although he does get publicity out of this, which is what he wants anyway.


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