Monday, March 07, 2005

Castiglione Is Back

I listened to my first Castiglione/Trupiano action tonight over Gameday Audio. There's a commercial for Giant Glass where Castig does a fake home run call, much like last year's version (with Trup), only this year the call is: "Back by the Giant Glass Foul Pole...."

Do you think they're going to put the Giant Glass logo on the left field foul pole? That'd be weak. Drinkwater's going too far. Speaking of "The Drink," I noticed yesterday that he was there in the seats behind the plate--and so was the Jerry Springer-looking guy--just like at Fenway. I didn't know he went to ST games, too. And there was a huge Giant Glass sign right below him on the wall. The guy covers a lot of territory with that big wallet of his.

Giambi got some "steroids" chants. Nice. Keep the psychological stuff goin' everybody. He did hit a home run. Didn't count, though.

All the usual coming-back-from-commercial-songs are back on EEI--"Feel the Pain" by Dinosaur Jr, "Drown" by Smashing Pumpkins, that Cornershop song. I missed the pre-game, which must have a new intro, complete with '04 World Series and playoff calls galore. There's a pretty nice audio montage if you call 877-REDSOX9, and get put on hold.

Speaking of that number, I don't think BDD ever clarified himself when he claimed there was a "magic number" to call for one of those ticket oppportunities. I still say he just wasn't aware of the fact that the Sox clearly gave out that number and the exact time to call it. Also, more evidence today on SoSH that Nomar never said that crap about the ring. BDD is so full of poo.

Speaking of magic numbers, I was debating whether or not to do the "Magic Number to clinch the division over the yanks," like I did last year. I've decided not to. What made me decide was that there's a site called "Boston Blood Sox," and they've got the Magic Number up already (163). So I'll pass that torch. Not like I'm the first to think of doing that for the entire season, but I'm just sayin'.

Speaking of sayin', I'm going to attempt an audio blog. Look for it above this post, I guess.

This is the first paragraph in the last four not to begin with the word "Speaking."

I've been reading Singapore Sox Fan a lot lately. And thinking about how good it is. There's something Bambino'sCursey about it. It's like Daryl is everything Cossette SHOULD have been. The writing is good, but not overdramatic, and the info seems to be mostly what I'm interested in. Not in the same way that Bullshit Memorial, besides his great Sox stuff, just nails everything about other things in life that I like, like movies and music, but more in a "strictly stuff I care about that relates to the Sox" kind of way. He's like a poor person's Cossette, which, from me, is a compliment, because I think poor people are cooler than rich people. So in my mind, rich people are the poor people's poor people. (--In the language of other people, who think rich people are cooler.) So...I guess, to me, and in my language, Rich people are the rich people's poor people. And SSF is BC without all that high-falutin' (which to me would be low-falutin') stuff about philosophy and literature. Which, don't get me wrong, can definitely be cool, but just not when you do it in a pretentious way. I'm not anti-intellectual or anything, I just think, I don't know, I've even lost myself here. Plus, SSF does have other stuff besides the Sox. So what am I talking about? Just go there, it's good.

A few weeks back on the Al Franken show, I heard a great thing about how Bill O'Reilly thought Barbara Boxer said the word "troops" when she actually said "truth." (Franken played the original tape, it's clearly "truth.") This led O'Reilly to rip into two different people, because he thought they were wrong, when in reality, he was wrong. The guy who Franken was talking about this with, whose name I didn't catch, made a great point: O'Reilly told the person he was talking to about this that when Boxer said the thing about "the troops" (which she never said), she crossed the line. In other words, the moment she crossed the line in O'Reilly's mind was when O'Reilly misquoted her. Read the whole story here. If nothing else, please scroll to the last paragraph where Bill is totally ripping this caller for not having her facts straight, when he was the one who was wrong.

I usually put up the Magic # pretty early just because I can't wait for the season to start. I don't care if you put one up too.

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