Thursday, February 17, 2005

"yan-Kees Choke!"

I propose "yankees Choke" as a new chant for now and always. It's perfect. First of all, it's appropriate for fans of all ages, and "yankees Choke" T-shirts will never be banned from anywhere. Second of all, it will make yankee fans extra mad because they've been taunting us with that word for as long as I can remember. Third of all, it fits right into the three-syllable chant template. Fourth of all, it's perfect for people who were totally fine with the concept of "yankees Suck," but wished the language was a little more tasteful. Fifth of all, we need a new chant, already. (Although 2000, Year 2000, 2004, whatever it is, will be great, too.)

And finally, it's the fucking truth.

Also note: Last year, I really thought we should have been replacing the "Ba ba ba" in "Sweet Caroline" with "yan kees suck." So this year, if they're still playing it, it should be, of course, "yan kees choke." I really want to bring three signs and have three people hold them up in sequence as that part of the song plays, say, at the bottom of the bleachers, facing the seats. I give anyone and everyone permission to steal this idea. Tell your friends.


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