Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ya Stole Somebody's Record Then Ya Looped It (Looping Post)

I learned from Singapore Sox Fan that David Ortiz is building a new house with his wife in Green Bay. So I just want to warn you about the possibilty that someone ends up calling him David Or-cheese. And this reminds me of something else I was going to say about Wisconsin. Their state quarter has a cow's head on it, with the word "Forward" in a banner below it. This cracks me up, because I see the picture as a basketball card of a cow who plays forward. Search your pockets, you may have one. You may not find it as comical as I did. That story reminds me of a blog I saw by a girl who's from Minnesota but attends MIT, who recently talked about that very quarter. Speaking of moving far away, why do people say "halfway around the world"? In my opinion, halfway is all the way, because the world is a sphere. Don't short change yourself, if you live on the opposite side of the earth from me, that's as far away as you're gonna get. I already am ALL the way around the world from myself, and I didn't even have to move. I could say Kansas City is 23/24ths of the way around the world from me, but there's a faster way of getting there. I thought of that because Singapore Sox Fan says he's the Red Sox fan from halfway around the world. I don't know, I think he deserves more credit than 50%. Speaking of that site....{return to beginning of post)

Udderly ridiculous: a cow playing basketball?

I'd better hide after that pun. It probably cheesed you off.
Clearly the idea is ridiculous. If you're going to put a cow on court, he should play center.

And thanks for the shout-out. I know "halfway round the world" really means "as far as you can get from Boston on God's green Earth", but hey, it had a nice poetic ring to it.

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