Thursday, February 17, 2005

Winter Clearance

The first spring training pics are up at Is it possible that David Wells got fatter? And Greenwell is down there. I'm lovin' the Gator's new fame. I'll never forget in '93, one of the first things I did upon arriving at the University of Nebraska, was find someone with a car to drive down to Kansas City to see a Sox game. This girl sitting near us was a Greenwell fan, and she kept yelling his name, with no results--until I said, "Yell 'Gator'." It worked, he glanced over. Also, Jose Lind was spraying Tony Pena with a hose from the bullpen, and Pena didn't know where the water was coming from. Moving on...

Y'all know I don't capitalize "yankees" on purpose, right? Just checking. I'm not dumb, or crazy, I just prefer not to capitalize their name, because they don't deserve it.

While I'm clarifying things, there's someone at SoSH called "soxfaninyankeeland." That person is not me. I am, however, "Ged-maniac" at, but I haven't posted there since around the time I started this blog. The first time I went to SoSH, way back, I was overwhelmed, so I just didn't even bother trying to join it. Whereas at RSN, I was merely whelmed, so I joined there. (And they had an arcade.)

And I realize I'm usually a day behind on making fun of BDD, but I do have a job during the day, so...


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