Sunday, February 27, 2005

Unbe-goddamn-lievable (in A Good Way)

The Mets are in a sad state. Even with the whole "New Mets" theme goin'.

I will explain.

Mets tickets went on sale this morning. Now, I've decided that I'd like to see Pedro at Shea this year. I've also decided that it's not that important that I do this, so if it works out, fine, if not, fine, too. Yesterday, I looked at the Mets schedule, did a little math, and figured Pedro's first weekend game at Shea might be the second Saturday of the season, which is the first home weekend for the Mets (against Florida). Eh, not likely I'll be able to get those, probably a pretty popular weekend, I thought. And I'm not gonna pay a lot of money for a game in which there's an 80% chance Pedro won't pitch, anyway.

So this morning, I roll out of bed at the crack of noon-thirty, groggily turn on the computer, expecting to be in a virtual waiting room as all the games sell out.

Well, I guess I forgot just how bad the Mets are, and just how many of their fickle fans are currently on the yankee bandwagon. Because not only did I get through right away, but seats were available for all games, except yankee games and Opening Day.

But get this: I click on that Saturday game I wanted, and I saw what I thought was a misprint. Upper deck seats for TWO (2) dollars each. Whaa? I guess they're offering those for "kids opening weekend."

So I nab two of those, for a total of 6 bucks, including all tax, and whoopidee-whee, the seats are also right behind home plate. Upper deck, but still a good view. FOR TWO DOLLARS.

Then I thought, at these free-ish prices, why don't I just get tickets for the WHOLE weekend! That way, I just wait and see what day Pedro pitches, and go on that day! And the other games that weekend, I don't know, scalp 'em for, what, $2.10, $2.15? Ha!

Total price for six tickets, two for each day of the April 16th weekend at Shea, including all taxes and fees: 21 dollars. Paying less for six tickets to see Pedro pitch at Shea and get two other games for a quarter of the price of ONE game at Fenway? Well, not priceless, but pretty effin' sweet!

To take part in this legal scam, click here. We need to all be there with huge to signs to thank Pedro!

Speaking of tickets, Dirt Dog is saying there was some "magic number" to call for Green Monster tickets yesterday. I hope he didn't mean 877 REDSOX9, because that wasn't magic, it was given in the press release that announced the three different ticket lotteries. In fact, I called it for two hours starting at the given time of 3 PM, only to get busy signals. So I hope the Big Dingo was referring to some other truly secret number. I also saw on Craigslist last night a message that said to go on Red tonight (last night) at 11:55. I did, but no Monster seats went on sale. Just keep your eyes open, everybody. I'll let you know if I ever get any secrets. Which I never seem to.

Edit: I'm such a moron. I've already got tickets to a Red Sox game for April 16th. I guess that game got overshadowed in my mind by the yankee-Red Sox game I'm going to at Fenway on the 13th. So I have to hope for Pedro to pitch on the Friday or Sunday of that weekend. Still a 40% chance. Still 2 bucks per ticket.

Nice to see someone else who's still rooting for Pedro even if he's not a RS anymore. I know that's not a totally popular view but I could never really root against him (well unless he's pitching against the Red Sox) and will always remember him walking out of the bullpen in that 5th game against Cleveland in the '99 ALDS and just shutting them down. He doesn't pitch like that anymore and he does mouth off in irritating ways sometimes but he was great for the Red Sox when they had nobody else. Of course maybe he liked it that way.

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