Friday, February 04, 2005

Silver Suits

Apparently part of the Red Sox Nation eyescan membership is that you get to watch all these games on So tonight, as I was making my veggie dogs, I had Game 1 of the World Series playing on the computer. (The game is from a Los Angeles Fox station.) Of course I cut right to the eighth inning. I hadn't retained the information that Renteria misplayed a ball hit by Varitek right before Bellhorn hit his game winning homer. I did remember how Fox didn't catch the ball hitting the foul pole with any camera.

I just thought it was weird how all these things were happening that never would have happened, say, fifteen years ago: The Red Sox winning the World Series? Me casually flipping on a telecast of that Series on a computer? While eating a fake hot dog? That I made myself?!

It truly is the future.

Now I'm gonna go play a video game from 1987.


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