Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sideways/Quiz # Eleventeen

I finally saw Sideways tonight. That's one messed up movie. I just don't know what to think. But go see it. It's weird how a movie with so much I can't relate to can hold my interest. (Drunkenness, Wine, middle-age, wine tasting, California, connoisseurs of wine, cheating on your fiance.) I'm sorry, I just used that "device" where you make a list, and every other item is the same, like on the Monkees theme, where every other guy was Mickey. That's never funny. But I gave it a shot. So yeah, the movie worked because you can just kind of look in from the outside, and it does show how silly all these things are. At least to me it did. Of course, I can relate to the whole down-and-out thing, and awkwardness, and still being said about a love lost years after the fact, as can everyone. I don't know, I think I need to see it again. Paul Giamatti is great. So is the Ned & Stacey/Wings guy. I learned from imdb that Paul's brother was on the soap opera "One Life To Live" when he was a liitle kid. I wonder if that's why the Wings guy's character in Sideways starred on "One Life To Live." I'm probably the only person to wonder that.

I learned from Bullshit Memorial (his review of this movie was months ago, and I purposely waited til now to read it) that Paul is the son of the late former baseball commish and Red Sox fan A. Bartlett Giamatti. You know, the guy who wrote that poem, the one that makes you cry. How did I not know that that dude was his son? Anyway, that brings me to the next quiz. What was the weird, (possibly) coincidental thing in the Sports Illustrated issue after Giamatti died? Clue: It had to do with the logo used throughout the article about his death.

In other movie news, how come in the remake of The Longest Yard, Sandler, as the Burt Reynolds character Crewe, is wearing number 18 instead of the correct number 22? Next thing you know, the final play of the game will be a screen pass, and Crewe will get shot to end the movie. I'm down with Sandler, but come on. It's number 22, man. That's like remaking The Natural and giving Roy Hobbs number 56. Or giving Ahmad any number besides Aaron's 44 in the upcoming Bad News Bears remake. Or having Lou Gehrig bat right-handed in Pride of the Yankees. Oh wait, that really did happen. Terrible job, Gary Cooper.

I also can't believe they're remaking The Warriors.

Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, look for a scathing review of Alex Rodriguez as a human being.

After I went to bed last night, I lay awake for several minutes thinking about his most recent comments, how he should have just lowered his shoulder and leveled Arroyo because he was "in the basepath." But was Arroyo in the basepath? I couldn't remember, but the question was really bugging me, so I got out my Faith Rewarded DVD and watched that play several times. Unfortunately, they switch camera angles a couple of times during the play, so my search was inconclusive. To be honest, though, I'm not sure Arroyo WAS in the basepath at all (except for his arm, which he was using to tag ARod out). Any help with that?
May I ask what your quiz answer is? I'm at a loss.

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