Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Oil Canabolic Sterboyds

Today, a guy who's worked in a lab testing steroids on rats for fifteen years called Mike & the Mad Dog. He brought up an interesting point. He said that testosterone helps with tracking objects, like, in most animals, the male of a species usually hunts, and all that testosterone they we dudes seem to have so much of, allows us to more easily chase and catch the buffalo or whatever it is we're supposedly hunting down and feeding to our villages. (Tracking objects, eh? I am pretty damn awesome at three card monte, now that I think about it.)

The point being that when people say, "Well, steroids don't help your brain, they just make you stronger--these guys are great hitters even without the juice," they're actually wrong. Pumping anabolic steroids into your body allows your brain to better track that little baseball. And hit it a mile.

Something to think about.

I cracked up when, after the guy said all this, Mad Dog came back with, "In rats, though!" And the guy was like, "Well, the effects are generally the same in all species..."

[Would it be inappropriate to say that the reason hitters start taking steroids is because they want to get more out of their balls?]

Also of importance here is the fact that a guy who works in a lab (presumably, a white-coat sort of lab) listens to Mike & the Mad Dog.

Scientific equipment. Live rodent specimens under careful observation. A sterile lab. A sterile white coat. And Mike & the Mad Dog. Somehow, that idea strikes me as being funny.

RSFIPT: blowing up stereotypes one reader show at a time.

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