Friday, February 04, 2005

Lots To Read

"Now our guys can get some rest while these idiots pretend they won it all and revert to their previous level of unjustified overconfidence prior to the eventual coup de grace."
--some yankee fan after Game 4

There's this site called SoSH vs NYYFans, which shows all the posts about each ALCS game from the Sox and yanks' respective message boards. It's very cool, and must've taken a long time to put together. (Or some program did it in one second.)

I found out about it from a new-ish Red Sox (and Pats) blog called Hoo's On First.

I enjoyed that SoSH/NYYFans link. In a similar vein is this conversation via e-mail between Alex of Bronx Banter and Ed of the Bambino's curse.
That really is incredible reading. That's a book-length piece of work all by itself.

(Of course, I just skipped ahead to the good parts.)

Nice to hear that Hoo has a blog, too.

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