Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I Get It!

Both Sams commented on my blog within a twenty minute stretch yesterday. Which cleared up for me the fact that the newer Sam (female Sam) is the writer of the Anarchy in the U.M. blog. While Sam Classic (male Sam), of course, is the Devil Rays-writin'-about-but-Red Sox-rootin'-for guy from Most Valuable Network.

Now that we all know who's who (although couldn't one or either of you just write your full, gender-revealing name when you post?), look at what Original Sam wrote:

"Do you ever just repeat some words aloud to yourself over and over again, reveling in the oddities of their sounds until you reach the point where the sound becomes totally abstracted and dissociated from the meaning, thinking about what a word might mean if it didn't already mean what it already means? No? Uhh ... maybe that's just me."

Actually, a big yes, it's me, too. My sister and I discovered this when I was about six, when we realized that if you say "garage" a million times in a row, it just turns into meaningless syllables that don't resemble English in any way. So, I guess you picked the one dude who knows what you're talking about.

I do this pretty much every day and I let everyone around me know what I'm doing as well. Try "collar" you won't fall asleep tonight.
Yeah I've known about this since I was very young, but for some reason I never stopped doing it. No reason to stop, really, and it's a fun thing to do.

Besides, nobody has to know, either. You can do it quietly, completely in your head, and have your fun doing it, and nobody else is any wiser afterwards. It's perfect. Why give up a gig like that?

Mike, I'll try it.

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