Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happy February 13th

The link to the "Which Sock Are You"? quiz is in this general vicinity. I first saw this linked at Feline Red Blue Green Sox Anarchist Cat Democracies (she scored a Theo Epstien). Then when I went to Bullshit Memorial (who was granted Big Papi status), and Joy Of Sox (who joined my ranks as a Johnny Damon), they both had a link, so I figured this link was just about everywhere. Which is why I didn't put a link here.

Upon further review, I couldn't find this link anywhere else, so I guess I should've just done it. My proverbial bad.

Speaking of modern day language, you already know how I feel about throwing someone "under a bus." This past week, I heard three different sports radio boobs say this phrase without a hint of sarcasm, and I almost vomited each time. This reminds me of back in the nineties, when the first time I heard the phrase "Don't Go There" was when David Spade was making fun of it on SNL. I said to myself, "People actually say that?" And sure enough, as we speak, years later, people will still occasionally let a "DGT" slip out. My point is, there are just some things that people should be able to recognize the cheesiness of literally the moment they become aware of it. "Blog" is a perfect example. I've still never said that word without somehow implying that I know how ridiculous it sounds, or using air quotes (which I treat in the same way). So when I say "blog" with air quotes around it, it's like a double-sarcasachino-with-a-twist-of-pretentious-coffee-name-pun.

Singapore Sox Fan has had a lot of good stuff lately. From a crazy basketball shot to some Dirt Dog denouncing to a pic of the newest Red Sox, Roberto Petagine playing in Japan, which I, at first glance, thought was Brian Daubach playing on some kind of "Daubach's Barnstormers" type team.

Ha ha, ouch man, ouch. Me and my schizophrenic blog name will be over there in the corner thinking up more colors to incorporate into our title. Maybe we'll include U of M and get some maize in there too :)

I've become so used to it that I don't even think about saying 'blog' anymore, at least not in writing (still sounds a little weird when you say it out loud). Damn you, immersive internet culture, damn you.
Thanks for the link, man. Apparently you frequent all the Sox sites that I usually don't. Odd.

I tied for a Manny/Varitek. I'm ... umm ... not really sure how that's possible, since those two aren't even remotely alike. But nonetheless, that's how they pegged me. I guess I get to take my pick. I think I'll go with Varitek: much better fit.

Blog. Do you ever just repeat some words aloud to yourself over and over again, reveling in the oddities of their sounds until you reach the point where the sound becomes totally abstracted and dissociated from the meaning, thinking about what a word might mean if it didn't already mean what it already means?

No? Uhh ... maybe that's just me.

Anyway, blog is a good word for that, if you want to try it out.
scored Manny Ramirez


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