Monday, February 28, 2005

Go, Gadget, Go

If you're a left-wing commie Red Sox fan like me, you gotta love Bill Lee. He's got a new book out. I loved the last one--The Little Red (Sox) Book. This one's about the end of his career with the Expos. As usual, he came out with some classic quotes in this article. The "Manila Folders," I love it! Thanks to Singapore Sox Fan for the link.

Dirt Dog actually came out and, in his special way, apologized for a bunch of things. In fact, these things pretty much make up a list of things I called him on recently. I'm shocked. Actually, he didn't apologize. More like "clarified." And even though his logic was twisted in some cases-- "We just said 'Nomar named,' we didn't say anything about steroids!", and "We knew the calendar was updated" (So you misled us on purpose?)--I give him credit for, kind of, just kind of cleaning up a little of his mess. Curbing himself, if you proverbially will. But then he sneaks in his 60,000 readership number in a not-so-clever way. And we'll never know if Nomar really said he doesn't want the ring. Dee-Oh-Single-Gee should give us actual proof that he said that or not talk about it at all.

The title of this post refers to the fact that I have the Inspector Gadget theme stuck in my head. Good tune, actually. But it's gotta go. Maybe some time out in the blizzard getting a head start clearing snow off the car will help. I will report back on this urgent matter at an unspecified time.


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