Saturday, February 12, 2005

Duck Tray/Quizzes

On the "Which Red Sox are you?" quiz (find link on any other blog), I was Johhny Damon, which I'm very proud of, since I, too, played baseball with a beard and long hair back in the day. I sent it to my parents, and my mom was psyched that she got Kevin Millar, and my dad got Schilling, even though he's on the opposite end of the political spectrum from Curt, as am I, and mom, of course. Schill always has reminded me of my dad's brother, so I guess it kind of makes sense--Schill is the dad type.

On, there's a picture of the truck getting loaded up for Florida. Look closely at the truck. It says "World Class Moving" on the side, but the door is open, covering up part of those words, so it says "ass Moving."

There are more pics of this spectacular, not-boring-at-all event on SoSH. I was surprised to see that among the packed up boxes are a few of those rock 'n' roll crate things, the kind with the metal edges. Maybe Arroyo's amps are in there.

Blogger has improved the "comments" feature on these blogspot blogs, so if you were afraid to comment before, try again with the new system. The comments also now supposedly appear in a popup window.

Kwiz Klue: The current quiz is, "What was the weird coincidence in the Giamatti article in Sports Illustrated from after he died?" The clue is, the logo used in the article was a home plate shape with a baseball inside, with the word "Giamatti" above it. And it created a weird thing, which I think was discovered by a reader, and their dicovery was printed in a later issue. Someone must remember this. It has to do with the ball and the letters in Giamatti's name.

Hey, this is niiice ...

Actually, I can't find that Which Sock Are You? link anywhere. Any help with that?

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