Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dual Mr. Rogers Action

The other day, Sid & Joe (WFAN) had the best guests on their show. Apparently, they had mentioned The Magic Garden the day before, and the two women that used to host the show heard about it, and called in. Sid was psyched, since he watched the show ('72-'84), but Joe was too old. I definitely watched this show, along with Romper Room, Joya's Fun School, Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, etc. It was on WPIX, Channel 11 out of New York, which we've always picked up around here. (Eleven alive!) But WPIX was a superstation, so there is a chance you got it where you grew up.

They said people always come up to them and A. ask them to sing their trademark song (which they did on Sid & Joe), and B. tell them "You never said my name!" (They used to say hi to a list of names, they never said mine, either.

Anyway, it's good that they're still doing there thing.

MG rules.

Also, 11 was the yankees station for many years, including my entire childhood, while the Mets were always on 9. A few years ago, the Mets went to 11, and this year, the yanks are going to 9, completing this bizarro circle. (These are for the very few of their games that aren't on cable, of course.)

Today's "Weird Note To Self Found In Pocket" (where my ideas go to die--or sometimes to be rediscovered and put on this blog):

"12/23/04 12:29 PM Mr. Rogers-related deja vu."

I guess I was trying to keep track of my dejas. Maybe to try to better understand why they occcur. Oh well, no serious findings yet.


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