Friday, February 25, 2005

Dirt Of The Day

"Nobody's honking, nobody gives a shit." Click here to see this dude ride his bike throught the Holland Tunnel. I found out about these Neistat Brothers because I thought I saw someone I knew on the news, sitting next to a guy named Casey Neistat. The guy I thought I knew actually turned out to be the guy who rode through the tunnel. The reason this Neistat guy was on the news was because they were interviewing him about how Apple rips everybody off by sending them back a different iPod then the one they sent in to have repaired--causing them to lose all of their music. I just got an iBook, and I am noticing some of the good old problems I had when I had an Apple years ago. I mean, it's definitely cool, but overall, anybody selling you a computer, or just about anything else for that matter, is ultimately just trying to do whatever it takes to get money--and then more money--out of you.


The news was full of Sox and ex-Sox tonight. Lots of Schilling throwing and complaining about how he didn't feel that good. And almost every station showed Pedro riding a tractor-type vehicle around the infield in Port St. Lucie. Also, a commercial was being filmed there, so Derek Lowe was there in his Dodgers uni. A reporter asked Derek about how Pedro will do this season--while Pedro was driving that thing around. Derek was like "I guarantee he's never mowed a lawn in his life. He's gonna run over a teammate." They showed him nearly taking out Carlos Beltran. Also Len Berman of Channel 4 asked Doug Maeiouandsometimesy about "the ball," and Doug said next year he'll flip the Mets' World Series winning ball right to Omar "My arms are made of waves" Minaya.

I also found out that the 11 dollar Hall of Fame game tix I got are selling for up to $150 on eBay. I guess I was right in thinking they just might be in some serious demand. The park is definitely tiny. And I'm still trying to figure out where my seats are, considering they supposedly have walking traffic in front of them. Naturally, I'm hoping this means "front row," and I don't see any other walkways in the stands. All I know is I'm on the third base side.

Now, (one of) the moment(s) I've been waiting for for a month: I'm off to watch Joanna Newsom on TV.

I saw her on Kimmel, I was torn between I might bang her and this sucks.
I looked for that article by Eggers for you. Best I could do was find out it was in the June issue of Spin, But couldn't get it on their site. sorry.
Go Sox
Wow, I didn't know that the tickets I bought would be a speculator's dream. If I wait long enough, maybe I can offset the expense of the Sox Pax I've already purchase.

I listened to some clips of Newsom on iTunes, and I don't enjoy her voice. It's strange, because I like Björk, who has a similarly child-like voice. Perhaps because it isn't accompanied by a harder edged electronic sound? I like her name, though.
I take Schilling's dissatisfaction to be a good thing.

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